Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Educational Cartoon!

Here's a lovely cartoon by Earthjustice. I miss the educational cartoons on Disney that were aired during my primary school years and this really reminds me of them. I didn't grasp the significance of the money cartoon until knowing about the corporate monopolies and consumerist culture we're facing now.

It's frightening how important messages can be lost in translation. Not to cause a 'moral panic', but how many people look beyond the superficial? Beyond the "That's nice" or "Awesome shizzz!" (I myself am guilty of this). I feel that it's more apparent in traditional art (paintings, posters, prints) than in film. The artist has time to present the message; but the effectiveness in presenting it is another matter.

There's also the way we interpret these messages. That's where it gets all complex with a person's the ethnicity, religion, gender... etc. So everyone gets a different message and you can't say that they are wrong. Make conversation to try to understand them then.

Anyway, I like the art style in the cartoon. I didn't feel as sad as when I watched FLOW. What's similar in the cartoon and the documentary is the message about the empowerment of the people. I really do believe that we can do something for change. Spontaneity helps but you have to have a plan.

Idea --> Plan --> Gather resources --> Execute

Friday, October 28, 2011

ATC Trade

Just this Tuesday my sister helped me mail out two of my ATC's to Kirky. I'm so excited because this is my very first ATC trade! I'm praying that they'll reach U.S. soil safely.

We agreed to trade one we've already made and one original/request. He gave me a whole list of what he wanted. I was surprised how quick he was with the 'list' I gave him. It wasn't a list, really. I just told him, 'Hedgehog'. Hehe.

ATC Fall Sweep by Windowfog
ATC Fall Sweep, a photo by Windowfog on Flickr.

Of course I felt that I had to really think about the list he gave. It's not a competition... but I really love the hedgehog and his style of watercolours! So I decided to stick with a simple idea with minimal colours:

Tis the story of my very first ATC trade.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nesting Hedgies Art Trade

This is the illustration I did for Jia Mayne for our hedgehog art trade. Why would Hedgehog dream of a little town? Well, maybe then him and his friends won't have their homes destroyed by bulldozers.

Jia Mayne and I met at Art for Grabs; where we chatted before the event began. It was so exciting to meet someone who has a thing for hedgehogs as well! Love her energy and her creations.

Her beautiful ceramic hedgehog that she traded. The colours are amazing under natural light.

I wonder if there'll be more art trades in the future because this was real fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts on Art for Grabs Sept. 2011

It's been three weeks since the event and I haven't commented or shared what had happened on those two fun fun fun days. Woke up extra early to drive there because we didn't really know the way by car and it would be insane to take the LRT with the amount of stuff we had to bring. And so, we did.

The crowd at AFG is very different compared to Comic Fiesta, where people are just so eager to spend as they are so openly expressive. You'll hear the shrieks of "Kawaii!!!" and rambling about their favourite animes if they can relate to, or recognize, your artwork. That was an interesting and fun fun fun experience all the same, even when they shriek in front of you. I was honoured by the decibels at which they expressed their awe. Heee.

AFG's crowd seemed to be more serious. I'd take Rez's and Joey's comments (borrow je la): that they aren't as ready to spend as the Comic Fiesta crowd. A lot of browsing and chatting they do, which is alright. Talking to people about what you do and listening to them talk about their lives (i.e. Aunty Anne aka Aunty Bersih) is always much more interesting than marketing your stuff. T'was how we met interesting people.

I even negotiated my first art trade with Jia Mayne, who sculpts the most adorable and dainty little hedgehogs out of ceramic. Do visit her Etsy and go "Awwwwww..." if you wish.

Ms J really helped a lot with the booth design. It's be a shoddy piece of work without her. We didn't use tables. Just boxes. Therefore, booth design expenses were RM 0.00. Bwahahaha.

Eric and Kev's photos.

Joey's prints.

Kev's photos and my drawings in the frame.

Me drawings in their frames.

I hope to showcase my artwork like this again in the future. The response was very unexpected. There's always this nervousness about selling my drawings because I don't know how people will respond to them. Mom gave me some very sound advice, that is, as long as you're happy with what you've done, then it's alright. That kind of mindset, along with my OCD-ness and awesome possum friends who support you is beyond encouraging. Always. :D

Thank you Eric Chiang for the photos! Love ya, Milo~

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art for Grabs Sept. 2011

After about two months of preparation, I, Joey, Kevin, and Eric are ready for Art for Grabs! Hope to see a lot of people there and talk to artists and enthusiasts alike.


On another note, I just made a Flickr account after much suggesting from Rahat, among a few other people. It's more user-friendly than Deviant Art. I'm liking it.

The finished products on sale here. :)

More ink, splats and ideas!

Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Days of Messes: Day 29

Malayan Pangolin by JoyceCL
Malayan Pangolin, a photo by JoyceCL on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Pangolins, or "tenggiling" in Malay, are anteaters but have skunk-like abilities as a defence, aside from rolling up into a ball.

They are a threatened species in Malaysia because they are hunted for medicinal purposes. :(

Ink on cardstock. 3.9x3.9 in.

Only one more day left. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Days of Messes: Day 28

The second of the series of three of Kg Baru 1, Jalan Kebun.

I love this house very much. This is the side entrance. 

Also for sale at Art for Grabs this 17 and 18 September! :D

Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Days of Messes: Day 27

This is first house we visited during our short roadtrip. The owners were very welcoming and chatty. We were more confident to approach the owners of the other houses after talking to this old couple. This was the first time I noticed that these houses were not built immaculate. Some parts of the houses were bent slightly here and there. It's not a defect at all, but I find that the senget-ness adds character to the houses.

This is the first of the series of three of Kg Baru 1, Jln Kebun. :D

Also for sale at Art for Grabs this 17 and 18 September!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Days of Messes: Day 26

More kampung houses! This quaint house is in Kampung Johan Setia, Klang.

Size is about 3.9x3.9 inches on a coffee background. :)

Also for sale at Art for Grabs this 17 and 18 September! Wheeeee!